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Satan And Demons: Exposing Satan

very believer must know their enemy, his ways and the power they have beengiven through Jesus our Lord. 
 Satan is a master manipulator. Ever since the beginning of time he has sought to decieve and manipulate people into believe his lies. A believer who realises who his enemy is then can be well equipped to stand the attacks. A believer who does not know who his enemy is is at a disadvantage in an attack.
 To understand the truth of the enemy one must go back to the very beginning. To the garden of Eden. You know the story of Adam and Eve. This story is crucial for you to understand the truth about your enemy.In the garden at the beginning of time we understand that God made man and woman and placed them there in the garden to live life in his presence and glory in the things he made for them. Man and woman were at peace with God and God walked with them and gave them all they needed and wanted. They worked not, nor did they toil for a living. They were in serene bliss with no fear of God whatsoever and no desires of sin or evil of any kind. They were Gods creation made for him and worshiped him accordingly. They knew not evil but only good.

Now we all know about the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And we all know how the serpent (satan took on this form) was in the garden also. And we know God told them NOT to eat of this tree or they would die....That is all he said in genesis. He didn't elaborate nor did he argue he simply stated “if you eat of that tree you shall die”
 Now the serpent who is satan tricked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit by LYING. He said “you shall not die, God knows that you will be like him knowing both good and evil” Which of corse is a LIE. So they disobeyed God and what God said HAPPENED. They ate of the tree therefore they died. Sin unto death entered the world from that moment.It must be noted that ONE disobediance was all it took for death to enter the world. God didn't reverse it nor change it for by his own words he said simply “if you eat of this you shall die” and as they disobeyed they did die some years later at old age for death entered the world. God at that time also promised the saviour he had planned from the foundations of the world through Jesus Christ the lamb of God who came in the far future to atone for all the sins of man thereby crushing the head of satan and rendering him defeated forever. “for you will bruise his heel but he will crush your head” said God of the future to satan. Satan and his demons have had a long time of working with people to understand how to manipulate people. But since his head is crushed through the death of Jesus on the cross, he is now rendered powerless against God's people and can no longer hold them captive to sins. If you do not know your enemy, you can be open for him to gain a foothold in your life if you do not realise that his head is crushed and he is rendered powerless by Jesus Christ. Because YOU have the power over him in the name of Jesus Christ for YOU have been bought at a price and are now clensed and spirit filled through your faith in Jesus the Messiah wherein lies the victory. In the world you belonged to satan, but when you came to believe the truth and repented and came to the Lord in joy your slavery and curse of sin was broken over you and satan lost his rights over you for your sins were washed away and the spirit of God entered you as his abode. Now you have entered a new relationship with Jesus and the truth and have the hope and joy of salvation you are now a TARGET of satan. He is mad and wants you back. It must be noted here that satan hates God with all his being. Since YOU are made in Gods image and God loves YOU so much that he allowed a way for you to be saved even though you followed many paths of satan, SATAN HATES YOU AND WANTS YOU TO TURN FROM GOD SO HE CAN MOCK GOD FURTHER AND TAKE YOU WITH HIM INTO HELL. To understand that satan hates God with ALL his being is crucial to understanding and knowing your enemy. The sooner you can understand this the sooner you can stand firm and fight the enemy and win. The bible shows us that Satan was thrown out of heaven due to PRIDE as he wanted to exalt himself above God. Then he was cast out of heaven and not allowed back. As a result he is walking around like a roaring lion looking for whom he may devour. So we can see that ONE SIN was not excusable either for satan or for man. And God punished ALL sin. God also said in the scriptures “you must be holy for I the Lord your God am Holy” We also know from the scriptures that Satan is the father of all lies and sin. We know that we all belonged to satan for we all followed his paths of sin in our lives since we were conceived and born in sin. We also know that now, since we are freed by the blood of Jesus, we are of our father GOD who gives us the righteousness within to complete every good work praise God!

 So dear brethren we can see that not ONE sin is acceptable to God nor will be excused except there be repentance and turning away from sin through faith in Lord Jesus Christ.
 Remember that Satan's goal is to get you to SIN ONCE. For once you sin Jesus said you become a slave to sin.

he who sins is a slave to sin,but he who the son of man sets free shall be free indeed” John 8:36

 And if you are a slave you are no longer free but under the power of your master, satan. ONE SIN allows a foothold into your life for satan. Remember he is a master manipulator and liar and he knows what areas you are weak in. A demon of lust spirit has ONE goal and this work he is assigned to is to GET YOU TO LUST. A demon of rage has ONE goal and work and this is to GET YOU ANGRY. Another pride, vanity, false witness, and so on. The goal is to get you to sin ONCE.

 Why once? We must remember that we used to sin all the time when we didn't know the love of Jesus. But we who are bought of the blood of Jesus have ceased our works of sin because we repented and were filled with the Spirit of God and our past sins were washed away. We became slaves to righteousness not sin anymore. We were freed and satan was no longer our father but GOD became our real father praise God!

 So since we are no longer slaves to sin, Satan can no longer control us and bring us to hell in our sins. He has NO power for remember his head was crushed by Jesus' death on the cross and ressurection to life. The keys of death and hades were taken away from satan.


 Satan and his demons know you have the power to bind them and live in victory over all sin while you are on this earth. So he being the master manipulator he is going to try to DECIEVE you or LIE to you like he did Eve (over whom he had no power).

Now we must remember that it is ONE SIN that causes us to fall into slavery to sin and death (remember the garden of eden and satan's one sin of pride causes both his fall and man) And the way he does this is through your FLESH.

 The flesh has several doors through which satan uses. The eyes (looks good) the ears (sounds good) touch (feels good) and through desires of your soul and heart. In order to get through your defence of faith, he first has to know about your weaknesses to certain sins. We were all born and concieved into sin from Adam, and we are all born with various weaknesses and desires varying between each person. What is tempting to one person will not tempt another. Just because you are weak in the area of pride and not theft doesn't mean you can say you are better than a person who has a problem with temptation to steal. This person may not be tempted with pride because naturly he isnt weak in that area. Not all people are proud, as not all people are thieves. But satan doesnt care what the temptation is for its ALL SIN and his goal is to get you to sin and fall from grace back into his power. We must remember that the scriptures tell us that no liars, homosexuals, sexual immoral people, adulterers, fornicators, effeminate, thieves, murderers, lovers of themselves rather lovers of God, filthy or perverse individuals will ever enter the kingdom of heaven rather these will be cast into the lake of fire along with Satan and his angels.

 It is God who will allow you to be tempted and tested by Satan thus purifying you in the fire like fine gold. Like in the book of Job we see that God allowed satan to do many things to him for a time. But it is always the person who rejects the temptations of satan and stay in their faith with God who proves their faith before God. Jesus himself was tempted by Satan for a time in the wilderness through sight, feelings, hearing and the flesh. He was shown many things by satan in an attempt to get him to SIN ONCE, to disobey God ONCE. But Jesus stood firm and in a time Satan left him till a later time. Jesus was tempted with power, authority, and rulership of the kingdoms of earth satan owned.

 For the believer in Christ you will not escape temptation from satan. Your weaknesses will be the target and satan will set up situations for you to be tempted to sin. Satan also speaks and like he spoke to Jesus, and to Eve, with lies and deception so he will speak to you also though you may not be aware it is him. He will plant thoughts and words into your mind lying to you that the sin he tempts you with is ok to do and not sin. With many clever words he will use these ways and other people to try and influence your belief system in such a way that you change your knowledge of the truth into believing a lie. The lie will be an allowance to follow the wants and desires to sin that were born within you. It all comes down to the bottom line that ONE SIN is all Satan needs to gain power over you once more.

 It is by the grace of God that he gives you time to repent and reenter his grace and victory through Jesus and he strives with your spirit to bring you back to repentance but it must be understood that God does not strive with man forever and there will come a time of your appointed death where what you sowed in your life is what you will reap.

 In this life your enemy is satan and the desires to sin that are born within you. By understanding that Jesus crushed satan powerless and freed you from slavery to sin you now have all power and victory in the name of Jesus over satan. You will always have victory over this foe even in the deepest of temptations. Jesus didnt escape temptation from satan and you sure will not escape either. So next time you are being conditioned to believe a lie and accept sin, STAND FIRM in the name of Jesus and above all else Stand.
 But if you are overcome and yeild to satan and sin, you give yourself into his power and enter slavery to sin once more. Just ONE sin is what satan needs to get you to do. In this state your only hope is to call upon the name of Jesus and repent and turn back to him for the washing clean of your dirtied soul.
 It is of importance to note that a person cannot on his own power save himself from slavery to sin and satan, for the only way is through calling upon Jesus through whom the victory over sin and death was won. Once set free a believer must choose against the devil and the flesh in order to stay in victory with Christ. The one who does not stay with Jesus but goes back to the paths of evil, has walked away from his hope and salvation and has chosen bondage to his new father, satan. These people will be cast into the lake of fire along with Satan in the last day.

Pray: In the power of the blood of Jesus I shall go forth and rebuke all sin, temptation, and satan this day.

You have the victory now WALK in it.

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